I am a children photographer

Hello! I am so glad to meet you here. My name is Maria. I am from Russia and I am a family photographer. And my favorite characters are children. 


Children fascinate me. Their love for life, right now and right here. Their open heart, and "absorbent mind". I love watching kids, as they quickly move from one thing to another and then suddenly they are fully absorbed in to something tiny that you adult didn't even notice but they could see it as a whole word as nothing exists now. 



I am a mom of three wonderful boys who invited me to be a child again. I feel them, I See them, I hear them. I can show you their word, well, may be just part that they decide to open. But it will be so bright and emotional! My pictures will remind you of your feelings. May be from your own childhood. Or may be some of them reflect your emotions now. 



I truly believe in children and trust them. I can see what they need. I am always on a child's side. 

Children are my inspiration. To grow, to be inspired, never stop and to be brave. 

I am a photographer. An artist who draws with light. I am a fly on the wall waiting for all the objects to come together. 

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