Wow! I fall apart a little and didn't post here. Even though I have lots if things for you to show. My 365 project is still alive and helps me keep going and appreciate my life now and here at this exact moment with struggles and happiness. 

Meanwhile Fall came to our lives, my oldest son went back to school, second year in his Montessori school. So exciting, it is the same class for him, the same activities, but how different everything will be for him, because he is older now, because he had a beautiful summer and got new experience. The same things start to shine differently and that is a beauty of Montessori school, that you are able to discover new things about something you thought you knew well. 

Now when he is older he will start to try and be a leader. But at the same time follow for children that are on their final year at school. Very exciting center point. 


Those are my favorites from August.